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Single Mother of 4 Forced Out by a House Fire

Arlene and her 4 children were forced out of their home after it caught on fire in April after fire sparks from their lawn mower caused their backyard shed to catch fire which quickly spread to the house leaving the whole family with no house, clothes, food, school books/supplies… practically everything they had went up in smoke.

Arlene's house on fire

Watching the fire as they wait for fire fighters to arrive.

As they pick up the pieces, they are grateful that no one was seriously injured and were able to get out alive. They are currently living in a hotel and Arlene is struggling to supply enough clothes for the kids, replenish their school books/supplies and food.

She has requested any assistance in forms of monetary donations or gift cards to places like Target, CVS, Safeway, Giant Supermarket, Gap, Macys, Amazon.

Let’s bridge this gap and send Arlene support that will fill her heart forever.

Please offer your generous hearts and send Arlene and her family gift cards and/or monetary donations. Please send donations directly to Arlene to the Mailing Address indicated below.

You may contact Arlene directly to find out other ways you can offer your support.

Contact People:

Arlene Leiva
Email: arlene@tcstranslations.com
Mailing Address:
6427 Linway Terrace
McLean, VA 22101

Jennifer Griner,
Director – Heart Bridge Connection

Email: jennifer@nafbm.org
Phone: (949) 407-9092

Arlene and the kiddies