Interesting Stats on the Buying Power of Women / Moms

Surveys suggest that women make between 73 – 80% of buying decisions in US households. This translates into over $4 trillion in annual discretionary spending.

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Research indicates that, globally, women drive as much as 70 – 75% of all spending in consumer markets. This equates to more than $20 trillion of consumer spending worldwide.

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Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana Metropolitan Areas

Total # of Moms, Year 2010 = 1,575,656†

Subset of Expenditures Total Buying Power of Moms @ 73%
Food $8,788,898,872
Household Furnishings & Equipment $2,063,510,611
Housekeeping Supplies $744,198,085
Entertainment $3,199,936,744
Healthcare $2,889,374,947
Education $1,284,805,659
Personal Care Products & Services $864,972,118
Reading $141,478,152

†Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census, Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana Metro Area. Derived from Tables QT-P11 and PCT15.

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****This study analyzed expenditure by gender, age, wealth and education in 35 countries and more than 70 market sectors. (Cited on page 14 in Sandra Lawsom and Douglas Gilman, The Power of the Purse: Gender Equality and Middle Class Spending, Goldman Sachs Global Research Institute. 2009.)


Research and statistics by Veronica Estrada